Ice Cube’s documentary on LA Raiders to debut at Tribeca

March 18, 2010 at 7:57 am by Terez in Oakland Raiders

Yo T, what colors do you wear?

Ice Cube’s documentary “Straight Outta L.A.,” about the years the Raiders played for the NFL in Los Angeles and the team’s cultural influence, will make its worldwide debut at the Tribeca/ESPN Sports Film Festival on April 23. Film will have a gala premiere at the sports fest, which runs April 21-May 2 in conjunction with the Tribeca Film Festival. “Straight Outta L.A.” shows on ESPN on May 11. Produced by ESPN Films, docu chronicles the Raiders’ move in 1982 from Oakland to L.A., where the football team captivated black and Latino fans at a time of great unrest. The L.A. Raiders morphed into a worldwide brand before returning to Oakland, with the team’s colors and anti-establishment ethos becoming inextricably linked to the hip-hop scene of South Central Los Angeles. Ice Cube observed the team’s influence first-hand as a member of the notorious rap group N.W.A. — Variety

Thanks to Cube, sports teams became affiliated with gangs and certain team colors represented particular gangs…You know Raiders stands for “Ruthless Ass Insane Disciples Running Shit”, which is kind of how I feel. Good work Cube, way to go. -TO

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