How To Make $13,000 In 5 Seconds On The Streets

November 29, 2016 at 6:32 am by Terez in Main

This comes our way via YouTube “The BIGGEST pot for one single street race we’ve ever witnessed! Birdman had a surprise visitor at the track this weekend when JJ DABOSS traveled up from Memphis, TN with his nitrous big block firebird with hopes that Birdman would line up with him on the STREETS. Birdman is one of the most feared and likely the winningest racers in the no prep world with his twin turbo big block firebird, he was down for the challenge! The pot started at $4500 from each side and escalated to $6500 each making the total pot $13,000 for one single race. Birdman got his test hit in and they lined up. The drama that followed was very entertaining. You’ll notice MANY street outlaw cameos during this video from Big Chief, Murder Nova, BoostedGT, Kamikazee, Mike Murillo, John Doe, and more. Man, that was one hell of a night!” Pretty sketchy way to make a living, watch the video below.-TO