How Health, Romance and Babies Fit Into Erin Andrews’ Life

April 15, 2014 at 8:51 am by Terez in Erin Andrews

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Dancing with the Star’s” Erin Andrews is an example of a woman that can have it all and doesn’t necessarily have to live her life according to what people think is the “norm.”“There’s definitely a demographic of girls who put their careers first, didn’t have time for babies, didn’t have time to date, and that’s me,” she told ABC News. “I’m 35, I just moved in with someone, [and now] we are talking about having a life together.” Andrews, who is dating NHL star Jarret Stoll, went on “The View” a few weeks back and said kids are still a little ways out, so freezing her eggs wasn’t out of the question. “That show is very into what women are doing, what they are up to, their love lives,” she said. “I got great feedback from that. It’s a different side that you don’t see when I’m doing a 15-second hit on a guy tearing his ACL on the field.” Congrats to Erin on not ruling out freezing her eggs.-TO

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