How Fixed Is Muay Thai In Bangkok? LUMPINI

June 5, 2018 at 11:38 am by Terez in Main

This comes to us via Vimeo. “The tough and gritty world of Bangkok Muay Thai comes to life after dark as the iconic stadium Lumpini stirs itself to action. Boxers are drawn from across the kingdom of Thailand; boys, most from poor, rural backgrounds, throw themselves into the ring to fight for their families, for their futures, and to fulfill their nation’s legendary tradition. Waiting for them are the gamblers. The economic driver of the fight game, gamblers have both sustained the blood sport of Thailand and driven casual fans away by imbuing the sport with an aura of criminality, but it was not always thus. Follow Kwankhao, a talented young fighter from a remote province, as he challenges for the ultimate title, Lumpini Stadium Champion, and Saenchai, perhaps the most famous and accomplished veteran in the sport, as Lumpini stadium counts down the days to it’s final show. Meet the gamblers, fighters and soldiers who played a role in the stadium’s transition from little known boxing arena on the outskirts of Bangkok to the gambling Mecca it has today become. The question; Can the stadium and the sport survive the existential crisis wrought by corruption?” I will be watching, checkout the trailer below.-TO

LUMPINI from Ronin Films on Vimeo.