How Aaron Rodgers Met Jessica Szohr

February 10, 2014 at 12:39 pm by Terez in Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers

It was love at first sight T...

She came in handy T…

With US magazine recently declaring Aaron Rodgers is back seeing actress Jessica Szohr, a fact we brought to light a few days into the new year, here’s a little background on how they met. Here’s the scoop, “A little bird told me Aaron and Jessica have been “dating” or, at very  least, seeing each other since the Fall. In fact, Jessica was at the San Francisco game at the beginning of the season, the same game it  appears that Rodgers former girlfriend was at as well. Rodgers apparently had also been coming to Jessica’s hometown when she’s there to hang out with her family. There’s a picture going around the internet of them together eating somewhere at a table. The other woman in the picture is her mother. As for New Years Eve, that girl in that picture someone posted is 100% Jessica. And for those of you who were asking who Sarah Pantera is, she’s originally from somewhere in Northern Wisconsin and moved to Los Angeles years ago, and became a successful club promoter. From what it seems like, she’s friends with Jessica and Aaron, and she introduced the two.  She can be seen in the old Bucks game picture of Jessica and Aaron” said our source. Well it’s no When Harry met Sally, but a very nice story.-TO

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