Houston Astros Going to Make Big Play For Derek Jeter

November 26, 2010 at 11:46 am by Terez in Derek Jeter, Houston Astros, New York Yankees

Whoever pays me the most money is where I'll end up playing T..

Is Derek Jeter going to be wearing pinstripes next year? My sources are telling me, Jeter may have no choice but to walk away..The Yankees have offered a reported three-year, $45 million deal..Jeter’s camp is reportedly asking for around $25 million per year..they’re looking for a six year deal worth well over $100 million..Right now they’re at least $80 million apart and both sides claim they won’t budge..Enter Houston Astros GM Ed Wade..My source out of Houston is telling me Wade is keeping a close eye on the Jeter negotiations..He is waiting for the right opportunity to swoop in and make Jeter an offer he won’t be able to refuse..I’m told Wade will come close to offering Jeter $25 million a year…but might not give him the length of the contract he’s looking for..Considering this is probably Jeter’s last big contract, he’s looking for as many years guaranteed as possible..Most likely he’ll come back down to earth and sign with the Yankees…but you never know..-TO

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