Houston Astros Fan Assaults Homeless Guy After He Asks For A Bottle of Water (VIDEO)

July 31, 2018 at 11:29 am by Terez in Houston Astros, MLB

There have been some downright despicable things that have happened inside or outside a sporting event over the years, and this is just another instance of fans behaving terribly. The video begins with a woman rummaging through and throwing items belonging to the homeless guy as he throws a tirade to get his belongings back. He then went ballisitic after the woman purposely destroyed his phone by throwing it on the ground, which caused her boyfriend/husband to throw a punch at the guy before backpedaling. KHOU 11 has the rest of the details:

“From talking to other people, the homeless guy was asking for a bottle of water. That set off the fans. They said he isn’t actually homeless,” said a man named Jeff who recorded the video. KHOU 11 News couldn’t find the couple in the video to get their side of the story. However, the homeless man, Christopher Yawn, did give his account of what happened. He said he was outside the game panhandling with his brother. “She went through my backpack and threw the battery pack that I had. Then she grabbed my phone and threw it on the ground. I went to grab my backpack and it started all again. They hit me,” Yawn said. Yawn admits he shoved the man before the camera started rolling, but he claims the other guy shoved first. “It’s messed up, because I can’t swing back. I can’t do nothing, because I’ll go to jail. But the next man who swung on somebody and hit me ain’t in jail,” Yawn said. “Really, I think its messed up, because people look at us like they’re nothing. That’s not right. We are something. We are a human being.” Houston Police couldn’t find a report for the incident Monday. “I was there trying to press charges. The HPD officer told me to get lost, that corporate, the man over him, told him that me and my brother had to get lost,” he said. The man who recorded this video shared it online, because he says what happened outside Minute Maid Park was wrong. “To see Houston fans, especially, act like that was really disappointing,” Jeff said. – TO