Hockey Superstar Patrick Kane’s Unusual Training from Father

March 5, 2010 at 12:58 pm by Terez in Chicago Blackhawks, Patrick Kane

I hate that ball Terez...

Patrick Kane, the 21 year old phenom of the Chicago Blackhawks and his father have a strange ritual..So here’s the story..Patrick owns a 2.2 million dollar bachelor pad in Chicago’s Trump Tower. My inside source at Trump has divulged the strange teaching tool that his father implements daily…Patrick’s father, Patrick Sr. has a unique way of improving his son’s reflexes, peripheral vision and hand eye coordination..he constantly throws a rubber ball that can be mistaken for a chew toy at Patrick unannouced.. Sounds pretty annoying considering they travel everywhere together. Residents at the Trump Tower find it strange and bizarre, but It must be working because he’s pretty much America’s version of Wayne Gretzky. keep up the good work Pat Sr. -TO

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