Hightop Sneakers on the Outs in the NBA

Terez, low tops are the way to go..

Hightops or lowtops? Every player has their preference..some even like the mid quarter shoes..NBA Players however, don’t rock the high tops like they used to.. Hightops peaked about eight years ago and have been losing ground ever since. Podiatrist Richard Hofacker, who works with the Cleveland Cavaliers says that back then, 80% of players preferred the bulkier sneakers. Now, he says, the majority like to play “naked from the ankle down.” According to market-research firm NPD Group, hightops accounted for about 20% of the U.S. market for basketball shoes. Today, that number has shrunk to around 8% while lowtops like Nash and Kobe wear have grown to 29% of the market from just 11% in 2002…So are you a hightop or lowtop guy? Sound off. -TO

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