High School Pole Vaulter Disqualified for Wearing Friendship Bracelet

May 11, 2010 at 11:37 am by Terez in Robin Laird

Terez, I still have the tan line on my wrist..

Robin Laird, South Pasadena High School’s top pole vaulter, was disqualified from an April 29th meet for wearing a string friendship bracelet on her left wrist..this is not a fake story..Robin landed her last jump, won the meet and the league championship for her team..but an opposing coach pointed out she should be disqualified for breaking a rule..The no jewelry rule was upheld and the other team walked away with the victory and the league championship..”It wasn’t so much that I had been disqualified, personally,” Laird said. “It was that I had just lost the league championship that my coaches and teammates had worked so hard for … I had just lost it with this little piece of string on my wrist.” Laird ripped off the friendship bracelet from her wrist after being disqualified..no word yet on if her friend who gave it to her is upset she ripped it off…-TO