Here are Some Mark Sanchez Baby Mama Rumors

September 8, 2017 at 8:35 am by Terez in Mark Sanchez

So we receive a lot of tips in our email box, sorting thru them can be an exhaustive process. We mostly skip thru the nonsense til something piques our interest.  Usually anything with Mark Sanchez is worth a post. So here are two separate tips we received from the same person, Check em out below, not sure what to believe when it comes to the Butt Fumbler.-TO


Mark sanchez baby mama – pics

I’m not positive its true. But maybe u guys should found out who is his kids mother. I think he had a surrogate and his mom Olga is raising the kid. Cuz mark wants to be free of distractions. Cristiano baby mama. The public will probably never know or see anything.