Hawaii HS Football Team Trains By Giving Each Other Concussions During Practice (VIDEO)

September 13, 2018 at 8:21 am by Terez in Terez T.V.

For Castle High School in Hawaii, somebody watching and recording just may have put to rest a dangerous drill a head coach had his players doing and had locals extremely upset. Via Hawaii News Now: “A minute-long home video of a Castle High School football practice taken in July shows players lining up 20 yards apart, sprinting full speed toward each other, then violently colliding head on. It’s also prompting a new discussion about concussion safety. “This is prehistoric. This is not done anymore,” former NFL player Rich Miano said. He called the drill horrifying and dangerous. “You don’t want to go face to face or get the helmet involved. Most drills that you see that are high-impact are within three yards. This is a drill that should have been obsolete years ago,” he said.” – TO