Hannah Davis’ Family Not Feeling the Captain?

August 26, 2016 at 10:43 am by Terez in Derek Jeter

We're figuring it out T..

We’re trying to figure out how to  be married T…

We’ve been reporting about Yankees legend Derek Jeter and his new wife Hannah Davis, and how they supposedly already live separate lives. Is there trouble brewing, or is this just what they intended? Here’ some more info that might shed some light on the Captain’s marriage. ” The reason the marriage of Yankees Icon Derek Jeter and his beautiful wife Hannah is on the rocks is because Hannah’s family doesn’t like Derek, or the rest of Jeter’s family.  Although he graciously, and out of respect, asked them for their daughter’s hand in marriage, which they agreed to, but according to people close to the SI Swimsuit model, they tried talking Hannah out of it. They made a point of not inviting him to their family functions, and on big holidays, you will always just see Hannah visiting her folks without Derek. Sources close to Jeter says he stays away because he feels like the outsider.  Worst of it all, neither Derek nor his family have done anything wrong. He actually loves his wife very much, and doesn’t want her to be stuck choosing sides.They really should consider themselves lucky that their daughter married a classy and private man, whose family are one of the most respected families in the country” says our insider. Looks like this tipster is Team Jeter all the way.-TO