Gronk Parties and Dances with Rick Ross

February 27, 2018 at 8:02 am by Terez in Rob Gronkowski

On Saturday, February 24th, Rockwell celebrated the 2nd anniversary with none other than Miami’s own Rick Ross. The excitement level was at an all-time high as a plethora of all star athletes arrived at the venue including Rob Gronkowski who came to catch Rick Ross’ live performance and was seen partying all evening long with a group of friends and lots of good looking women. Rick ross noticed Gronk dancing in the crowd and shouted out to the Gronk to join him while he performed. Gronk proceeded to take off his shirt and dance at his table before realizing Ross asked him to join the performance. Gronk was ushered to Ross and broke it down for the crowd for a song while Ross performed. Women were trying to get to Gronk as he danced and when he went back to his table.   Ross gave partygoers a true blockbuster performance singing some of his top hits including his new hit single “Florida Boy”. Ross sent bottles of Belaire Rose to Gronk’s table and other table throughout the venue.  The club also attracted other notable guests including, Larsa pippin, HEAT players Hassan Whiteside, Justin Winslow and more. 2 years later and Rockwell is still rocking Miami. Check out more below.-TO