Greg Norman’s New Flame May Have Been an Old Flame

May 10, 2010 at 8:32 am by Terez in Greg Norman

Terez, she was the one who ruined both our marriages..

Greg Norman is dating fellow Aussie Kirsten the two recently sparked a romance..or did they..According to Woman’s Day Magazine, the Shark reportedly cheated on his then wife Laura Andrassy in the  90s with the then-26-year-old Kirsten..Norman has been dating Kutner since the day of his split with Evert..So it seems a pattern is forming..but of course denials are a plenty..“Kirsten had nothing to do with my marriage breakup with Chrissie,” Norman told Woman’s Day…so let’s get this straight..she had nothing to do with the breakup of his last two marriages..Uh Huh, sure. -TO

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