Golfer Thomas Pieters Says “Americans can’t drink”

September 11, 2018 at 11:31 am by Terez in PGA, Thomas Pieters

In a recent interview with Bunkered magazine, the club snapping Belgian says it helped that the rowdy Hazeltine crowds were relatively unfamiliar with him at the 2016 Ryder Cup. “For me, it wasn’t that bad because they didn’t know who I was,” Pieters said. “They didn’t have any dirt on me or anything like that. But for Rory, yeah, it was pretty hostile.” “They shouted stuff at him that you shouldn’t shout at anybody anywhere,” Pieters went on. “Maybe that’s because they sell beer at 7 a.m. and Americans can’t drink.” Pieters also ripped the “ridiculous” setup at Hazeltine, which benefitted wilder players like Phil Mickelson. “He was sometimes hitting it, like, six fairways left or right but was still able to get it on the green and then make a 40-footer,” Pieters told Bunkered. The Americans won 17-11 to snap an eight-year drought in the event. – TO