Golf writers seek disclinary action against Daly

March 4, 2010 at 11:20 am by Terez in John Daly

I'm not sweating it Terez..

The Golf Writers Association of America has asked the PGA Tour to discipline John Daly for his actions against a Florida Times-Union reporter.  Daly, angry at a story in the Times-Union on Tuesday that revealed some of the contents of his nearly 500-page PGA Tour file, asked his fans on Twitter to call and criticize the writer of the story. Late Tuesday night, Daly posted the cell phone number of the Times-Union’s Garry Smits on two of his three Twitter posts, writing in one of them, “here’s the JERK who writes NON-NEWS article … CALL & FLOOD his line & let’s tell him how we feel.” Smits said he received nearly 100 calls. –Tribune News Services

John Daly is great..He’s a man’s man and one hell of a train wreck. -TO

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