Gloria James Has a History of Sleeping with Lebron’s Friends

May 20, 2010 at 11:52 am by Terez in Cleveland Cavaliers, Lebron James

Yes Terez, I hit that too..

The internet is a buzz with the story I posted yesterday about LeBron’s mother Gloria James sleeping with teammate Delonte West..Well, here’s some more exclusive Terez Owens news.. According to my source, this isn’t the first time Gloria James has been caught hooking up with LeBron’s Friends..My source goes on to say..”It’s A KNOWN FACT, THAT GLORIA JAMES WAS ALSO SLEEPING WITH HIS EX-AGENT’S TWIN BROTHER  (ERIC GOODWIN)….AND THIS WAS THE REASON HE REALLY FIRED AARON GOODWIN….”So it appears she has a history of getting with LeBron’s friends..I guess it’s not inconceivable that Gloria James is involved with Delonte West..I put in a call to the Cavs Media Relations Department and haven’t heard back yet..and there have been no denials from LeBron’s camp…but remember this is the purported story coming from my source..stay tuned..-TO

Exclusive: LeBron’s Teammate Sleeping with His Mom

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