Gloria Allred Accuses Clinton Portis of Looking at Men

September 21, 2010 at 6:52 am by Terez in Clinton Portis, Main, Washington Redskins

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Gloria Allred is a defender of women…good, bad, or really skanky…She represented at least half a dozen of Tiger’s she is weighing in on the latest controversy surrounding the Jets Lockerroom controversy..Last week reports surfaced that the Jets were sexually aggressive with a female news reporter who was there to interview Mark Sanchez..Clinton Portis weighed in on the issue of women in the locker room…basically saying they have no choice but to be interested in the some of the dudes…Well Gloria wasn’t very fond of Clinton’s comments..She had this to say in her exclusive blog post for Radar Online..”The concept that Ines may really have been in the locker room to do her interview rather than size up men’s “packages” seems not to be a possibility to the all knowing all seeing Clinton Portis.Whether he himself has been focused on men’s packages too long, and thinks that women are focused on them as he apparently is, we will never know” If I read that right she’s implying that Portis checks out dude’s packages?? Now that’s not an appropriate comment…Cmon Gloria…double standards do apply..Clinton should demand an apology…-TO

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