Gilbert Arenas Gives His 2¢ on Derrick Rose Trade

June 23, 2016 at 11:26 am by Terez in Gilbert Arenas

It was blackmail T...

It was blackmail T…

The Knicks have made a move for a point guard, trading for former MVP Derrick Rose. It was a bit of a shocker for some, but no one was more surprised than former NBA star Gilbert Arenas, who has turned his Instagram Account into a 24/7 Preach and teach. Check out Gilbert’s articulated thoughts on the DRose trade.-TO

Hold up wait a min…..I take a nap and wake up to this shit here…. #Drose just got traded for #Calderon and #RobinLopez ? #HUH #ayeshacurry the NBA must be rigged girl lol #philJackson just got derrick rose for(two scratch and sniff lotto tickets,one of shawn kemp 9 kids and bootleg copy of #riri cd (music of the son WITHOUT #PonDeReplay )??im not saying #chicagobullsGM is doing #crack,all im saying is this move was very CRACKISH….this is like tipping a crackhead outside a #nightclub for waving you over 4 the FREE PARKING SPACE(I was saving this for you big man) #YouJustDontDoIt this is embarrassing CHICAGO….I could have giving u a better deal then what you got….I need derrick rose on my #YMCA team so ill give u ( the cell phone #deangelorussell used to film his teammates confession last season,I have clear sound bite from when #royhibbert got slapped in preseason by #trevorbooker..u can clearly hear him say #OUCHHHHniggaThatHurts and ill throw in two #AllAccessPasses to go see meek mills Back stage in #toronto during #ovofest hahaha do we have a deal CHICAGO?? Im sorry yall but Phil jackson must have a tape of the bulls GM playing with #caitlynjennerBalls or something to agree to that trade???? #PhilRealMVP #BlackMailTrade??

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