Gilbert Arenas’ EX Says Fans Yelled “N**ger” and “Monkey” At Gilbert’s Games

August 25, 2017 at 6:49 am by Terez in Gilbert Arenas

The basketball wife continues dishing the dirt on her ex. Laura Govan of Basketball Wives: LA was on The Domenick Nati Show this week and discussed a lot of topics. Check out the interview below and all the topics she dished on. All these years later and she’s still talking about Gilbert.-TO

She would only come back to BBLA as someone’s mentor  (0:00)
Her and her sister Gloria don’t have much of a relationship anymore (0:51)
Jackie Christie has said enough about her family and should get off social media (1:22)
Fans would yell “Nigger” and “Monkey” when she was at Gilbert Arenas’ games (2:28)
She needs Gilbert to get on her page when raising their children. She wouldn’t say he’s the best parent (3:16)
She says “she likes ’em white” and she has a new “super-white” boyfriend (5:20)
She thinks Trump is a “moron” and a “negro” (5:20)
Chris Rock is “so mean” and “not even funny” (7:47)