Gayrod a Metropolitan

May 10, 2009 at 11:55 am by Terez in A-Rod, New York Yankees

Terez, did I hear you say something about man holes....

Terez, did I hear you say something about man holes....

The baseball world changed during the 2003-04 offseason. The Boston Red Sox did not obtain Alex Rodriguez, the New York Yankees did. The players association quashed a deal that would have sent A-Rod from Texas to Boston, refusing to let Rodriguez reduce the value of his contract to facilitate the move. Not long after that, Aaron Boone tore up his knee playing pickup basketball, the Yankees reached out to see if Rodriguez would switch from shortstop to third, and a trade was consummated. Initially this was viewed as Babe Ruth II, the game’s great player slipping from the Red Sox to the Yankees. The Curse seemed like it would never go away. That was two Boston championships ago.


In recent weeks, as the gap between the Red Sox and Yankees has become more pronounced, there have been media attempts to enter the way-back machine and imagine how events might have transpired if Rodriguez had, indeed, ended up in Boston. Would he have become a hero by helping to end the Curse or — like in New York — would his insincerity, insecurity and ego have been a counterweight to his talent, sucking the life out of an entire organization?  But that might not even be the most interesting hypothetical involving Rodriguez. Remember, he was a free agent after the 2000 season and his first preference was to become a Met. –NY Post

Gayrod would be eaten alive on either NY team. He’s not complaining, he loves NYC for all its man holes. -TO