Gabby Union Embarassed Of Her Husband D-Wade’s Outfit? 

June 24, 2018 at 6:35 am by Terez in Dwyane Wade

This comes to us via MTO. “Dwyane looks like he’s having some sort of a MID-LIFE CRISIS. There’s no way that a man his age should be dressing like that. D Wade – who is in his MID 30s – was wearing a PINK sweatsuit, with some DRAGON BALL-Z sneakers. If he were a TEENAGER, it may be an appropriate outfit.And you can see the look on Gabby’s face, that she’s a little btit EMBARRASSED by her hubbys choice of clothes. But Gabby undoubtedly knows that it’s probably JUST A PHASE. And in a few months, he may be out of it.” Checkout the photos below.-TO