Fred Davis High as a Kite at a Mansion Party?

May 25, 2012 at 2:55 pm by Terez in Fred Davis, Washington Redskins

Puff puff pass T...

Washington Redskins Tight End Fred Davis is enjoying his offseason — Maybe a little too much. We received this tip from a reader, “So one of my co workers sent me the pic of Fred last Friday night at a party in Great Falls, Virgina. The man was high as hell. He’s holding a blunt in his hand and there was weed ALL OVER the place..My co worker said she could barely understand him. The man has the whole org depending on him and his dumbass has no respect. As a fan it pisses me off. I mean you cant put the bowl down for a while, while you rake millions???!!! Screw that cat!!” — My sentiments exactly. If you’re going to have fun, just don’t flaunt it. -TO

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