Former Red Sox Nomar Garciaparra a Total Fraud

March 11, 2010 at 10:28 am by Terez in Boston Red Sox, Nomar Garciaparra

I know Terez..this is a big joke isn't it?

Nomar Garciaparra’s reunion with the Red Sox was all an act. I hate to be the fly in the punch bowl here, but yesterday’s lovefest involving Nomar Garciaparra and the Red Sox was truly nauseating. If Nomar had been hooked up to a polygraph, the machine would have exploded. Truly unbelievable. There was Nomar, seated between Larry Lucchino and Theo Epstein, telling us how much he always loved the Red Sox, how much he loved the Nation. –The Boston Globe

How beloved can Nomah be if the Boston Globe is calling him a liar and a the dude took steroids, which would explain his brief power surge back in the day. Just say NO to NOMAHH!! -TO

Nomahhhh signs with A’s

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