Floyd Mayweather Beatdown Story A Rumor

March 16, 2014 at 8:15 am by Terez in Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Haters gonna hate T…

LMAO at everyone that believed that story T…

Via Daily News ” Laura Meltzer, a public information officer for the Las Vegas police, said that so far no victim has come forward to file a criminal report. As of right now, the bureau commander over there is not aware of any complaint that has been officially filed,” she said. So again, if this is a victim who is choosing not to come forward and make a report – then that’s up to the victim to do. We don’t have any say in that. There is no criminal complaint on file so there is no reason to go and contact Mr. Mayweather.” We told you something was fishy about this story, I don’t think Floyd is that stupid.-TO 

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