Florida Highway Patrol Accused of Being too Soft with Tiger Woods

March 11, 2010 at 9:23 am by Terez in Tiger Woods.

I own the Florida Highway Patrol Terez..

When Tiger Woods’ SUV crashed outside his home in the middle of the night, it did more than kickstart rampant rumors of extramarital affairs, it also ignited a flurry of hate e-mail to law enforcement officials.  The Florida Highway Patrol was deluged with complaints of poor police work and of acting star-struck with Woods, instead of treating him as a suspect, according to a review of 1,600 e-mails conducted by the Orlando Sentinel.  Some of the messages referred to the FHP as a group of Barney Fifes: “I’ve seen better work by a mall cop,” one person wrote.  A man from Canada chimed in: “I have to ask, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU PEOPLE DOING. The FHP in this incident is being bullied, and mocked by Tiger Woods. … Shame on You FHP and get back to business.”  The Nov. 27, 2009 accident outside Woods’ home in Isleworth led to several rumors that the golfer cheated on his wife, Elin, and eventually led to a televised confession last month. –CBS News

I think Paul Blart was in charge of the investigation..We all know Tiger was drunk as a a skunk. -TO

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