Favre to Play Baseball Instead

May 9, 2009 at 10:17 am by Terez in Brett Favre

Terez, what's all the fuss over about these X-Rays...Im playing Baseball now..

Terez, what's all the fuss about these X-Rays...Im playing Baseball now..

ESPN reported Friday that, according to a source, Favre had X-rays of his right shoulder sent to the Vikings for evaluation. The Vikings received the X-rays on Thursday and are evaluating them, according to the report. If Favre needs major surgery, he would not return to play this season, but if it’s anything less than that, he would sign with the Vikings.

The health of his throwing arm has been one of the biggest questions surrounding Favre’s possible return to play for the Vikings. Favre has a partially torn biceps tendon. The extent of that injury and the treatment or surgery could determine his future.

Favre’s agent, Bus Cook, told ESPN he’s not aware of any X-rays being sent to the Vikings. Cook said that for Favre to return, he would have to be mentally and physically ready to come back, as well as have the desire. Cook isn’t sure all three of those things are in place, according to the report. –YAHOO

I think Brett should change it up and play Baseball..It worked for MJ post retirement…not really. -TO