Famous Athlete Has a Secret Baby Behind Beauty’s Back

June 3, 2016 at 10:33 am by Terez in Aaron Rodgers, Justin Verlander, Russell Wilson, Tom Brady

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Our good friends over at Blind Gossip have a real juicy one on their hands. Let’s just say when the news drops, this Hollywood starlet won’t be too pleased. Here’s the scoop, “This famous athlete is seriously coupled with a female celebrity. He’s rich and happy. She’s rich and happy (and beautiful). Everybody’s happy, right? Well, we know something she doesn’t! Something happened in the last year or so. While Athlete and Beauty were in an exclusive relationship… Athlete was actually sleeping with other women! He got some random girl pregnant” Now it looks like the Athlete is making hush payments to keep it a secret. The couple have been on and off for the past three years, but now they’re 100% planning on spending the rest of their lives together, that’s if she doesn’t find out about the baby. Good luck keeping that a secret for much longer.-TO

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