Family Friend to JJ Watt’s Girlfriend is Riding on Coattails of Fame?

August 23, 2017 at 7:08 am by Terez in J.J. Watt

Our JJ Watt tipsters are always on top of their game. Here’s the latest we received in our tipbox, ” A year ago you wrote a story about Mark Schultz who had outted JJ Watt of dating Schultz’s best friend’s daughter.  Schutlz, who just happens to be a best friend to JJ’s girlfriend’s father, then tried to delete the tweet just as quickly and got caught with a screen shot of the comment.  Now he’s riding on his friend’s famous daughter’s coattails by commenting on JJ’s  facebook and identifying who he is with a comment saying JJ is set for life and hope he doesn’t get CTE.  Oh yeah, he also mentions what a great catch his girlfriend is.  I wonder why he said “… set for life”?  Wonder if he wrote the same thing to Brian Cushing about his wife, Megan, who also just happens to be JJ’s future sister-in-law?  Does Schultz hope to meet JJ at the possible future wedding? Oh yeah, funny thing is that JJ’s girlfriend’s father, Ben Ohai, did the same thing after you did a story on him and his crazy postings against his daughter’s soccer team.  He deleted his tweets.  Looks like no one from the Ohai family or their friends want to be caught tweeting” Not sure if anyone outside of Houston cares too much for JJ, but we know JJ likes the attention, so we’ll be more than happy to give it to him.-TO