Falcons’ Tony Gonzalez: ‘We had clothes on’ in PETA ad

November 12, 2009 at 9:22 am by Terez in Atlanta Falcons, Tony Gonzalez

Terez, we still had our undies on bro..

Terez, we still had our undies on bro..

If Tony Gonzalez and his wife, October, are wearing clothes in their new PETA ad, they must be threadbare. A day after the AJC broke the news of the two appearing nude in the ad, the Falcons tight end said it’s not entirely true. “We had clothes on,” Gonzalez said Wednesday. The couple will appear as part of the “Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur” campaign, according to PETA officials. “We should be protecting animals, not sacrificing their lives for the sake of fashion or luxury,” says Tony Gonzalez. “October and I have changed many of our habits in light of the inhumane treatment of animals that occurs not only in the fur industry but also on factory farms.” Now in his 13th season in the NFL, Gonzalez, 33, was traded to the Falcons in April. He appears destined for the Hall of Fame, and he credits his vegan diet for his fantastic physique. — Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Tony, you could have fooled me..Your wife looks pretty naked…For a picture of the ad click below..-TO

Falcons Tony Gonzalez and Wife Appear Nude For PETA