Falcons had to Trade Favre Because he was a Drunk

Terez, I smell the booze on him right now..

According to a recent interview on WNSR in Nashville, former Falcons coach Jerry Glanville had the following to say when defending his decision to trade Brett Favre. “I had to get him out of Atlanta… . I could not sober him up,” Glanville said. “I sent him to a city where at 9:00 at night the only thing that’s open is Chili Joes. You can get it two ways, with or without onions. And that’s what made Brett Favre make a comeback was going to a town that closed down. If I would have traded him to New York, nobody to this day would have known who Brett Favre ever was.” As we all know now, Brett has kicked both his alcohol and pain pill addictions and has had one hell of career..but what would’ve been if his alcoholism didn’t force Glanville’s hand? -TO

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