Exclusive: Tony Romo Had a Fling With Chris Cooley’s Wife?

October 6, 2011 at 3:49 pm by Terez in Chris Cooley, Dallas Cowboys, Tony Romo, Washington Redskins

No one gets between me and my man T...

Tony Romo has had one of those weeks…The Dallas Cowboys QB single-handedly blew a huge lead last week against the Detroits Lions, leading to the usual boo-birds and heavy criticism, but none more scathing than Chris Cooley’s comments…The Redskins tight end told a D.C. radio show that he thoroughly enjoyed watching Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo “choke” in the Cowboys last game…The Cowboys led by 24 points in the second half, at home, yet managed to lose the game. Romo had two second-half interceptions that were returned for touchdowns by Detroit. Cooley also said he would like to fight Romo in a cage, MMA style…Now I understand why Cooley made those comments…Here’s the scoop from a reliable source, “I have caught wind from a source that the reason for Chris Cooley’s animosity towards Romo was due to a fling (sex) Romo had with Cooley’s hot wife over 2 years ago. I’m sure this story will hit the wires in the next day or so but you heard it here first! (unless someone already spilled the beans to you)” Now Cooley’s comments make much more sense in context…Romo was single two years ago and Cooley’s wife is incredibly hot…This could very well be just a rumor, or someone possibly trying to plant a story, but a story I kind of find myself believing.  -TO

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