Exclusive: Cleveland Cavaliers J.J. Hickson Doesn’t Pay His Rent

May 20, 2010 at 9:24 am by Terez in Cleveland Cavaliers, J.J. Hickson

Terez, I got the money..I'm just lazy..

Another Cleveland Cavaliers star is in hot water..Second year Cavs forward J.J. Hickson has been accused of not paying his rent and bouncing checks..In a Terez Owens exclusive interview with Hickson’s landlord, he says: “Hickson signed a 1 year lease for my condo in bay village. He always pays late and doesn’t pay the late fees.  Its quite aggravating.  Then this month the rent check bounced again (third time this year-i have copies of all three) and he, his roommate hermann, and his “money manager” Roy Kallos from mass mutual wont return phone calls or text messages.  You know i could understand if someone lost their job or an incident occurred and they could not pay it but in jj’s case with him making 1.8m this year I just find it very very rude and frankly ignorant to bounce checks.” You would think 1.8 million a year would allow you to pay your rent on time..but I don’t think its a money issue..just irresponsible behavior on the part of Hickson..JJ, pay your rent dude..you’ve been officially called out..-TO

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