Ex-NBA Baller Steve Francis Denies Ever Doing Crack

March 9, 2018 at 8:21 am by Terez in Steve Francis

Speaking of his basketball career coming to an end, Francis chalks it up to his drinking, insisting he’s never touched crack. “I had some dark days, no question. And I know people were asking, ‘What the hell happened to Steve Francis?” But the hardest part was reading some bulls**t on the Internet saying that I was on crack.
“Listen, I sold crack when I was growing up. I’ll own up to that. But never in my life did I ever do crack. “What happened to Steve Francis? I was drinking heavily, is what happened. And that can be just as bad. In the span of a few years I lost basketball, I lost my whole identity, and I lost my stepfather, who committed suicide.”-TO