Even Strippers are Complaining About the Replacement Refs

September 24, 2012 at 7:20 am by Terez in NFL

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Rick’s Cabaret New York is the famous midtown Manhattan upscale gentlemen’s club that is home to hundreds of beautiful exotic dancers and is a favorite spot for businessmen, celebrities and pro athletes from all the major sports. “We always have the football games on our TVs and everyone is saying how poorly the replacement referees are doing,” said Rick’s Cabaret Girl Monica. “I was watching a game sitting with some really successful Wall Street guys and they were talking about how badly the refs were doing. The girls and I were talking about the same thing earlier in the dressing room!”  Rick’s Cabaret Girl Alicia said, “The replacement officials are causing a credibility problem. They have been making blunders, and the game is dragging because of all the delays they cause.” Hey if it’s gotten so bad, where even strippers are talking about credibility, you know it’s time to get the real refs back.-TO

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