Eva Longoria Considering Removing Tony Tattoos

November 21, 2010 at 2:47 pm by Terez in San Antonio Spurs, Tony Parker

I think it's time to laser those suckers off T..

Eva Longoria and Tony Parker were truly in love..we know this because they tattooed their love all over each other..They both had the Roman numerals of their wedding date, 7/7/07, tattooed on their bodies. Longoria also had the date inked on the inside of her right wrist..Parker countered by putting it on his his left ring finger..Longoria also got the ultimate baller wife tattoo and inked Tony’s jersey number on the back of neck..My sources are telling me that Eva is seriously considering removing all the tattoos..She really doesn’t want constant reminders of their fairytale marriage gone wrong..My source goes on to tell me Eva will not, in any case, modify the tats to change the meaning..Either she will get rid of them entirely or just keep them for now..Lesson learned..Tattoos are permanent…marriage is not. -TO

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