ESPN Anchor Doesn’t Mind Being Called Sideline Hottie

November 4, 2010 at 8:58 am by Terez in Wendi Nix

You know what they say T..Wendi Nix loves the..

ESPN Sports anchor Wendi Nix covers football and golf for ESPN..She joined the ESPN team back in 2006 and has been a little lost in the shuffle amongst the slew of Erin Andrews and Jenn Brown types..Wendi was recently interviewed by a Boston outlet and has some very revealing answers about her profession..When asked about her most awkward locker room experience..”Well, they’re nude a lot, so I guess I’m used to that. It’s always intimidating walking into a locker room, if you don’t cover the team regularly and you’re just parachuting in. If you’re familiar with the people, it’s no big deal.” When asked what she thought of Tom Brady’s hair..”I’ll say this much: It’s reached the ponytail stage.” Finally the question everyone asks..Does she get insulted by being called a sideline hottie..”No, I think that when you get to be 35, you’re just glad you’re referred to as something”..She definitely cracks the top 5..-TO

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