Erin Andrews Meltsdown After Stalker Sentenced

March 16, 2010 at 10:05 am by Terez in Erin Andrews

Terez, I feel naked when I meltdown..

ESPN reporter Erin Andrews admitted to caving in to her emotions after she left the sentencing hearing. ESPN reporter says her ordeal is not over but prison sentence is a first step.”I had a pretty big comedown, a meltdown last night, I think, after I got back from the courtroom,” Andrews told “Good Morning America” today. “It’s just been a lot.” Her nine-month fight to see Michael Barrett put behind bars ended Monday when the former insurance executive was sentenced to 30 months in prison. “It’s not over,” Andrews said. “It’s not going to be over, but this is the first step.” Andrews’ lawyers confirmed today they have bought the copyright to the nude videos Barrett made over the course of several weeks filming her through hotel peepholes across the country, in hopes of lessening their availability on the Internet. “Unfortunately, they will continue to be there forever, but hopefully in diminished numbers,” attorney Marshall Grossman said. –ABC News

Erin made out alright..she was pretty much an unknown reporter before the whole ordeal, and now she’ll be on national television dancing her way into the hearts of millions..To see her on GMA talking about her breakdown, grab a tissue and take the jump. -TO

Erin Andrews expected to speak at hearing

Erin Andrews wants $325k from peephole stalker