Erin Andrews could get late-night show on ESPN

May 14, 2010 at 8:47 am by Terez in Erin Andrews

Terez, you'll be my first guest..

Erin Andrews might have outgrown her sideline reporting gig..She’s far too famous in her eyes to stand on the sideline..metaphorically speaking..She wants A list status..To do that, she’s going to have to step it up…despite her proclamations that sports is truly what she loves..she says I have “a love affair with sports” and that ESPN is where I “always wanted to be.” Here are some options Erin may have now that she is a household name..USA Today columnist Michael Hiestand has already thought this through..”•Give her a late-night show: Running on ESPN2 opposite ESPN’s SportsCenter, Andrews could provide an alternative to both sports highlights and the boys club of late-night TV. While sports types’ talk shows haven’t worked —John McEnroe and Magic Johnson each lasted about five minutes — nothing about Andrews is typical. •Use her on everything: Have Andrews pop up everywhere on ESPN channels and see what works. Just doing that would make her more famous — and a bigger deal wherever she ends up. •Work her into ABC’s Lost finale this month: Use that as a springboard to keep Andrews with Disney — in entertainment..” I think she should stick to the sidelines..or try and enter another dancing competition. -TO

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