Eliza Dushku Will Cut You if You Look at Rick Fox

May 19, 2010 at 9:30 am by Terez in Rick Fox

Terez, see the way she's staring at my Silver Fox..

Rick Fox’s girlfriend Eliza Dushku doesn’t want anyone else touching her meat..The out of work actress did the Twitter thing during Monday night’s “Dancing with the Stars” broadcast to put Vienna Girardi on blast for staring at her boyfriend Rick Fox..The big question is why was Rick Fox at the taping?? Dushku Tweeted  a screen grab of her TV set at home where she noticed Vienna glancing over at the Silver Fox during the dancing show. The caption to the photo read: “Vienna, I will CUT you. Keep yo’ eyes on yo’ own meat!” Yo Eliza, that meat’s a little old..the dude’s almost 50..-TO

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