Elin checks Tiger’s e-mails and cell-phone constantly

March 12, 2010 at 8:59 am by Terez in Tiger Woods.

I have Tiger on communication lockdown T..

Knowing how devoted Tiger Woods is to the couple’s two young children, Elin also has stuck it out for her kids’ sake. Yet, my source tells me the golfer’s wife has set some pretty strict ground rules for him, now that he’s completed his two stints in sexual addiction rehab and therapy. ”Elin’s keeping him on a very short leash,” added the source, explaining Tiger not only keeps a daily journal of his thoughts and activities, but Elin insists on reading every entry. Trust is understandably still an issue. Elin also checks Tiger’s e-mails and cell-phone log constantly. Apparently, she learned of a woman at the Hattiesburg, Miss., treatment center where Tiger initially went for help, shortly after the Thanksgiving Day incident at the Woodses’ Florida home. Even though the woman in rehab was of no interest to Tiger (apparently proved by his curt replies to her continuous e-mails to him), Elin took an interest, simply because the e-mailer was female. Apparently, Mrs. Woods shot off quite the sharp-worded e-mail to the woman, and that quickly quashed any further contact.  — Chicago Sun-Times

Elin probably had a tracking device inserted into Tiger’s forearm..-TO

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