Eddie Vedder Dedicates Song to Former Kansas City Royals Player

May 4, 2010 at 10:15 am by Terez in Kansas City Royals, Willie Wilson

This one's for Willie Terez..a hard working base stealer with the cleats to match..

Eddie Vedder and Pearl Jam rolled into Kansas City last night..and as we know, Eddie is a huge sports nut..So big in fact, that every city he plays in he’s got a favorite baseball player.. Monday night at the Sprint Center Pearl Jam performed and Vedder truly showed how much he loves baseball.. Vedder slipped into a  Royals jersey and announced to the crowd: “This isn’t some jersey from Sears. I got this from a legend. No. 6. Willie Wilson. It’s his first Pearl Jam concert tonight.” Then the crowd started chanting “Willie, Willie!” Vedder then went on to dedicate a song to Willie, “Given to Fly,” No word on whether or not Willie cried during the performance..Unfortunately there was no footage of the song..but I’m still looking for it..-TO

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