Dwight Gooden a Dead Beat Dad

July 25, 2010 at 7:24 am by Terez in Doc Gooden

T, can I win a Cy Young for being a dead beat dad?

Apparently the Former Mets Star Pitcher is an ace at being a dead beat dad..According to his wife Monique, Doc has abandoned his family and left them with close to nothing.. “He’s left us with no money,” his spouse said. “When I got here to Maryland, I had to go apply for social services, food stamps and health insurance for the kids. He has offered no financial assistance to us” His wife also has no clue where Dwight has gone.. but last time she checked he had been holed up  in a hotel somewhere in New Jersey a few months back..“You know what, right now I’m so stressed, I’ve been so stressed that every day has been a struggle for me,” she said. “I just want support for the kids at this time . . . I just want to take care of them.” Last time we heard from Dwight in the news he was   arrested for driving under the influence and leaving the scene of an accident, child endangerment and motor vehicle violations in New Jersey after an accident that he was involved in back in March of this year. Dwight’s wife has not seen her husband since they met for a court appearance on June 22, and the couple is due back in court in mid August…pretty sad story of a once former great..Thanks to Pro Rumors for the scoop..-TO

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