Drug Manny Was Suspended For Not In His Pee ?

May 15, 2009 at 8:13 am by Terez in Los Angeles Dodgers, Manny Ramirez

I'm in Relaxing in Miami T, btw i don't know the girl in the pink skirt

I'm in Relaxing in Miami T, btw i don't know the girl in the pink skirt

Manny Ramirez‘s drug test was flagged by Major League Baseball for elevated levels of synthetic testosterone, but did not contain the drug for which he was suspended 50 games, the Los Angeles Times reported, citing sources with knowledge of the test.

The newspaper reported that no trace of hCG, the banned substance for which the Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder was suspended, was found in his system at the time of the drug test, according to three sources with specific knowledge of the test. But according to one source with knowledge of the test, it was was flagged for having a synthetic testosterone level four times the amount of the average male.

Baseball officials had begun the disciplinary process for the drug test when they obtained Ramirez’s medical records and learned he had a prescription for hCG, which is commonly prescribed for women as a fertility drug and is a banned substance in baseball’s drug program. At that point, Ramirez was suspended for “just cause,” based on the prescription and the fact he had not sought an exemption for it, and Ramirez dropped his appeals and took the suspension, according to the report.

The Times reported it could not reach Ramirez for comment, while the Dodgers referred questions to MLB.

The MLB is gonna have some explaining to do, someone in there front office is gonna go down soon.. This pretending they didn’t know about steroids for the last 20 years is a joke-TO