Drew Brees plays round of golf with Jack Nicklaus, Dan Marino and Kenny G

March 4, 2010 at 1:09 pm by Terez in Dan Marino, Drew Brees, Jack Nicklaus, New Orleans Saints

Thanks for buying us drinks at the halfway house Terez..

Saints QB Drew Brees hadn’t gotten a full round of golf in since June. And his playing partners were Jack Nicklaus, Dan Marino and Gold Pro-Am title host Kenny G. … Brees creased a drive into the middle of the fairway. The remainder of the round didn’t go as well — the team’s score was a modest five-under-par 65 — but Brees had made his point. “Drew has some game,” said Nicklaus, whose birdie-birdie finish gave him a four-over-par 74. Brees outplayed Marino, if not Kenny G, though no individual scorecards were turned in. This might also be the place to point out that Brees holds a one-love edge on Miami’s favorite-son quarterback in Super Bowl champion jewelry. Not that Brees was about to mention such a thing, and the highlight of his day was being introduced to Nicklaus, anyway. “Oh, man, legend,” Brees said. “I have a Masters flag in my office with his signature on it.” Nicklaus enjoyed meeting Brees, too, and even teased him about his choice of headwear. Brees, a Purdue man, went with a beige baseball cap with “Boilers” printed above the bill. Nicklaus, an Ohio Stater, had a quip ready. “I told him, ‘Well, we can both root for the Big Ten,’” Nicklaus said. — Palm Beach Post

What a dream team..Drew is the man and Jack is a legend.. and I haven’t heard a peep from Kenny G since the last time I was in the dentist’s chair. -TO

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