Domestic violence charge against Tito Ortiz dropped

May 13, 2010 at 1:14 pm by Terez in Tito Ortiz

We're just gonna pretend it never happened Terez..

A prosecution spokeswoman said on Thursday that Tito Ortiz will not be prosecuted on a domestic violence charge stemming from an argument last month with his girlfriend, former porn star Jenna Jameson..”We’ve declined to file charges based on insufficient corroboration to prove a case beyond a reasonable doubt,” Orange County, California, district attorney spokeswoman Farrah Emami said…The prosecution was complicated by the fact that  Jameson gave several different accounts of what had happened…and despite the hot and cold couples reconciliation was irrelevant to the prosecution of Ortiz, since it is the state of California, not Jameson, who filed the charges…What a big waste of time and tax dollars… -TO

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