Dolphins welcome South Florida celebs Jennifer Lopez, Gloria Estefan and More

September 22, 2009 at 8:40 am by Terez in Miami Dolphins

Terez, we paid good money to see the Wildcat offense tonight...

Terez, we sunk a lot of money into this Wildcat offense..

Rapper T-Pain popped out of a hearse and strode onto a VIP carpet to the sounds of screaming fans. A few feet away, Jimmy Buffett hoisted a beer on stage. Gloria Estefan signed autographs, and Serena and Venus Williams arrived to flashing cameras. It could have been the Grammys or the opening of a hot South Beach club. But a few minutes later, the Miami Dolphins took the field for their home opener at Land Shark Stadium. Dolphins majority owner Steven Ross’ vision of melding a gritty but exciting football team with some glitz kicked off Monday night, with fans lining up 15-deep to see A-list celebrities, if only for a second. Since the end of the Dolphins’ AFC East championship 2008 season, Ross has recruited celebrities like a kid collects autographs. Buffett, Estefan, the Williams sisters . . . Ross has made South Florida’s brightest stars either minority owners or business partners. On Monday, they were all in one place, stealing the spotlight from the main event– at least until the opening kick. — Miami Herald

The star power didn’t help the Fins get the win…Peyton made sure that didn’t happen. -TO