Diddy to Buy Euro Soccer Club?

March 19, 2010 at 8:36 am by Terez in Major League Soccer

Cmon T..I can kick it with the best of them..

CRYSTAL PALACE fans are getting all excited about their sugar Diddy. I told you yesterday how multi-millionaire rapper P DIDDY wants to become the latest foreign owner of an English footie club. On the left I’ve mocked him up in a team shirt. Supporters have already started making up chants and coming up with ideas of how Diddy can pimp up Selhurst Park in south east London. One was to alter the name of the Holmesdale Road End to the Homiesdale Road End, while the players’ lounge would be rebranded Da Playas Lounge. Some fans have even suggested changing the team’s nickname from The Eagles to The Diddymen. The club’s administrator has also welcomed the New Yorker’s interest. — London Sun

Diddy and soccer don’t mix..kind of like white emcees. -TO

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