Did Serena Williams Have Facelift?

August 27, 2018 at 6:50 am by Terez in Serena Williams

This comes to us via MTO. “The US Open, tennis top United States tournament, starts today and Serena Williams unveiled her new look. And some are saying that Serena has more than just a new look – she has a new face.The new pics of Serena show her looking almost completely different. And some of her fans suspect that she had some surgical procedures done to her face. One fan pointed out that Serena appears to have gotten some sort of cheek implants, botox, and some type of procedure on her mouth. Serena’s brows also seem to be off. Some are suggesting that she may have gotten her new brows TATTED onto her face. Here I the pic that has people talking:” CHeckout the picture below.-TO